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Woman: Splendor and Sorrow By Gabriela Marie Milton (Link…)




  • I’m sitting in the cafe again It’s hopeless, don’t know what to write I’m doing my usual look-looking around But there’s no ideas coming in sight So what does a poet do lacking ideas? With me it’s to internalise To turn on myself, make the neurons go round See what they can bring me, surprise… […]
  • O that the intrigue is undiminished, Upon Earth’s darkened skies, Breathing fires bequeathing, Of a silent worshiper, Of hopeful anointing. Tiny sprinkles fill the dusted exterior, Wherein deeply lies, The clouds that creep in the hours for sleeping. We walk under the starlit night, Not wanting to escape, A universe’s exhibition. In chastened colors do… […]
  • gathering up the reminiscence lost, I travel the world, wide and far, searching and dreaming of the nature within…I stop, watch, and listen to the heart, beating steady, just so, and like you always told me it would go, down further, deeper into despair, reeling about the timeliness of each moment… they stretch out to… […]
  • (AN ACROSTIC POEM) Don’t just do the easy things It isn’t as rewarding, it isn’t as satisfying For when you do the hard things, the amazing is possible For when you do the hard things, the needed is done It gives you back so much than the effort put in Culminating in the feeling of… […]
  • the bus seat creaked and roared with protest as he sat down He ignored it and looked out the window It won’t be that long of a journey but it’ll be the most painful one He was going home After all the years spent chasing dreams “So, have you made it?” they will ask “Made… […]
  • There is a silence about you That has never been explored So many things inside you That are still fighting a war Some days can be unkind Other days you will try to forget Just stay for all of those days Today more than all of the rest Be gentle with your soul It needs… […]

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