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Woman: Splendor and Sorrow By Gabriela Marie Milton (Link…)


  • (Autors blog) When studying the aspects of Good, we should also examine the dangers of Evil. I write about both God (Good) and Malignant Narcissism (Evil). I […]
  • And you ask me why? I wish you were under my skin, At times I wish you could eat with the taste of my tongue […]
  • Blog Tina I held on to him for as long as I could; but I could hold on no longer; I could feel him slipping […]
  • you ever just sit or lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling and wonder if you’ve ever eaten meat from an animal that […]
  • I killed my dog and ate it. Nothing to apologize about. He was old and blind. His days were numbered. I might have done him […]


  • The Boring Worldby Dominic Alapat[author’s site] is greyand raindrops fallmaking this bored soundtwo women talkbut it makes no difference to methe wetness has stolen my […]
  • Hitmanby Timothy Price[author’s site] August sixth nineteen seventy oneJulio made his first hitHe was only seventeen at the timeUncle Cicero was too sickHe asked Julio […]
  • Perpetual Painby Susi Bocks[author’s site] no one told methe days of mourninglinger for years those unforgotten bring usmore bitter than sweet memoriesunexpectedly and forcefully it […]
  • NOWHERE MANby Nancy Richy[author’s site] Vivian looked up from her book and stared at her husband Ray as he fiddled with his iPod. At one […]
  • Naked & Rough Skinby Navin Manik Author’s sites:Website Instagram: @navinspoetry_ Please don’t breathe on me with easeCoz I’m gonna freeze your breeze with my heat […]


  • I sit upon my porcelain Throne and ponder, think I know what you are thinking What rhymes with think, yep, sink I think I must change washer In leaking tap in sink That’s next to me (it’s dripping) Plink, plink, plink You think I’m on my toilet Sitting, waiting, think It’s really all just make… […]
  • Everything we don’t know ages us. And because we don’t know a lot, we live so little. It is said that if we compressed the universe’s history in a 24 hour day, human life would come to fruition just 2 minutes before midnight. This is a truth that stays on the edges of our grey… […]
  • “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before….” — Edgar Allan Poe Nietzsche didn’t get virtual reality, the benefit of mirrored aviators when fighting the demons of oneself. Becoming monsterly while combating evil shows a decided lack of lyrical aesthetic.  Dance in toe… […]
  • So what exactly are you meant to do, when you wish to spruce up your home a little – and let’s be frank here right from the start! All I intended to do was to paint a few walls, pick a new rug, perhaps a few scatter cushions, nothing major, just a cheap and cheerful… […]
  • They will never finish the building It would stay in its skeletal form forever because the government is corrupt but then they all are so it wasn’t the grandest tragedy of the world It was a fun place for the kids A place where they pretended to be monkeys and did parkour and whatnot A… […]
  • (True story – I was a university student.  My father a preacher.) I went to university Questioned all the rules Wondered why some followed them Looking like such fools Follow rules by all means Those which do make sense Don’t follow blindly all the sheep Cos many just plain dense Question question question I was… […]


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