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  • The coffin was open. Dena Mistry lay in it. The funeral home had ensured that the dead woman looked her best. The funeral director had […]
  • (Atuthors blog Equinoxio) He lived in a small flat, in a small town, in a small rainy country, a country so small it did not […]
  • by Rae Cod “How long has he been infected with the parasite, Mr Kant?” asked Doctor Fenton, keeping her face as neutral as possible. This […]
  • by Manuela Timofte A good short story is not only a reliable friend you can lean on, but it is also a short escape into […]
  • his and her hands touched a spark sparkled in their eyes fire in the head his and her hands touched to create some emotion lots […]



  • The things I see, the things I think, dream, imagine, which ones are real? Which ones are more real? The things I see, are, for me. The things I think, dream, imagine, are, for me. Even my tigers. If I pack them into the box of language, can I make you see them too? Can… […]
  • Oh God, here she comes again by my window with her dog on a leash and now the noise begins It’s not barking. I wish it was barking but instead it’s crying, making those whimpering sounds children make when they try to hold a cry in The full cry of some creatures is like the… […]
  • The builder wavers, small and lost A storm it swells inside A lonely, scary, forlorn place Where confusion stifles cries Winds they howl their restless tune So loud the echo felt in ears A circling hurricane of thoughts Sweeps up scattered fears Amongst them swirls the sharp debris Ancient scraps from depths arise To twist… […]
  • The call came in on his office landline.        “Tony Blackwell?  We want two million dollars in small bills, or your wife eats a bullet.”        Tony laughed.  “She’s a whore.  I don’t give a damn about her.  Do you know how many times she’s cheated on me?”        “Hey, man, I’m sorry, but she’s… […]
  • I’ve spent years giving you pieces of me…trying to fix what was broken in you…on your behalf.  Trying to heal you from your wounds and damages Dodging anger in you unleashed on me due to your insecurities.  Healing your trauma from low self esteem. While you spent years gaslighting me.  I’ve spent years giving you… […]
  • And their vacant eyes; to me dull, relative brother-like, unto my blood. Lesser and labelled more the beast for being servant, yet I fear I fit my moulding them too perfectly. To moo  and peer moronically alive  cross thicket hedge, un-decides the place of puppet and the master, their voices turn the thicket’s harsh of… […]

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