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  • By Terveen Gill Quiet can never be calm. That’s equivalent to calling a fool a saint. The apparent lack of intellect isn’t a sign of […]
  • By M Robins My dentist likes to talk……..a lot. My dentist talks so goddamned much he gets way behind on his appointments. Instead of just […]
  • by Manuela Timofte In an old post 10 Misconceptions about Romania, I was talking about the misconceptions people are fed with and know nothing about Romania. In […]
  • by Petru Racolța When you cried in the rain I wanted to block the springs For the waters sanctified by your tears Not to scatter […]
  • By Jane Aguiar (Site: Dad, your unconditional love and affection empowers me and mom when we are both unfortunate, uncomfortable and uncertain. When you […]



  • Ian knew being creative meant a lot of perspiration Not that his muse always appreciated it She was as fickle as they came Pouting when he offered her the wrong sacrifices It made it difficult for him to get his novel done Reaching for the brandy, he poured a healthy fifth and pounded it back… […]
  • the clouds seemed to be holding the sun back like a slave with chains of lead After a night of heavy snow the day tried to make a comeback and failed It was 11:00 AM and dark as evening and since it was also cold as hell they concluded they were in hell “But hell… […]
  • Lashes extended to  Soften mother’s earth  Prowled in a nasty web, To ooze child’s pain Nothing left to annihilate; What she gains Nagging in the goddess’s lap; Liberating her from pain As if silicon lie carved,  Into a vivacious brain.  She self-sabotages her powers  In a fabricated chain Laid a crimson skin on the facial… […]
  • I lay there staring at the dim light bulb going on and off, as aimlessly as the insects flying around it. The state of motion makes no difference now when neither has anything to do. The woolen t-shirt stuck to my back; I know it’s foolish if you look at the weather outside but I… […]
  • love lives in each heartbeat and breath we take, regardless of past mistakes and the pain we rake like mist that takes me on a trip down memory lane and into the fiery lake I transpire. lingering on the petal of a flower and, within an hour? clarity becomes truth just like the love, I… […]
  • Ah! The pain the wanting all over dilemma sober reach out sweet grape of confusion; a duchess spread out on her savage’s bed willing her blood red to the lips of her lackeying male, neither caring the speech or the stain of his whip. Taking the seventh of her seconding breaths at the weep of… […]

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