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  • Once, I looked across the distance, It had the makings of an age-old civilization, Intrigued, I saw two people walking, they created another kind of distraction. Maybe it was the girl, or was it the boy who followed behind, quietly, maybe hoping the girl wouldn’t turn back, Shy and awkward, I sensed he wouldn’t know... […]
  • To slake my thirst With dew from leaves that never see the light Arboreal the tears that fall and quench The darkest dreams To fill my bowels With loam whose cloying scent bespeaks of death Arboreal the taste of living earth My hunger begs To see the gleam ‘Neath tenebrous shadows and rayless groves Arboreal... […]
  • Thick socks that my grandma made for me from wool I see them lying on the rug at the foot of the bed and they look like the heads of wolves in waiting waiting in the snow behind bushes dry with frost I grab them and slide them down my fists like gloves I have... […]
  • vanish into sultry eyeless air, baffling fog senses dimly pale as love sealing hearts alike elegant evening primrose my dainty fingers elongate, grow sensors fondling tree swing holding your last laugh stars cry gilded tears leaving trails of wispy light floating the moon covers her glow with a red umbrella fairies, will you mourn losses... […]
  • They’ve both just bought a mansion Splashed out twenty mill Theatre, resort-size swimming pool Sixteen bathrooms as well Which makes things nice, convenient No more they’ll have to wait At the shower entrance For other to vacate It also has a tennis court When naught they have to do With gin and tonics served by... […]
  • The night sky looked sickly with tiny spots all over. A pale white mole dominates the canvas, like an infected bump that has always been there. It pervades the mind as I close my eyes, ferrying myself into a world far away from the one I inhabit. The hard ground, prickly grass, and a scathingly gentle breeze... […]

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