domingo, diciembre 3 2023

Podcast: Static by Terveen Gill

STATIC es un cortometraje de Un Minuto que muestra cómo una joven se conecta y se desconecta del mundo que la rodea. La música le da alas para elevarse por encima de lo que le rodea. ¿Pero es ella la única acosada por esta diferencia entre la vida real y la musica? Descúbrelo viendo este cortometraje de un minuto.

STATIC is a One Minute short film that shows how a young girl connects and disconnects from the world around her. Music gives her wings to rise above the static that surrounds her. But is she the only one hounded by the static? Find out by watching this One Minute Short Film.


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Written and Directed by: Terveen Gill Short Film Shot by: Terveen Gill Video Compilation & Editing: Terveen Gill

Talent: Jannat Bains Camera: iPhone 6 Website:

YouTube Channel:

Amazon India Author Page:

Amazon Author Page:


Instagram: Terveen’s W.O.R.D.S – Terveen’s World of Realistic Daily Speak Music:

Sound Effects: Static:…

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